If you start building or renovating your house, the skirting board may be the last important option on your list. Skirting boards may be a small part of your plan and don’t cover many areas, but you will find that they will make an excellent impression on the style and overall looking and appearance of your house. There are some great benefits if you have chosen oak for your skirting boards. These benefits are as follows:

Oak is Durable

Oak has been considered and will always be founded as one of the most durable timbers used in home decoration and construction. If you have pets or little ones who genuinely stand the test of time, oak can undoubtedly take a knock.

Oak is Affordable

As other luxurious boards are costly to buy, oak is a relatively inexpensive option with the same luxurious looks. Oak skirting is available in any look you choose like tradition, contemporary or rustic, but it will also take care of your budget by not breaking it.

Oak is Versatile

While building a house, it is complicated to match the furniture with the right floors, walls, decorative accessories, and all other things. All these things create a big headache for the design of your house, and that’s why oak skirting boards are an excellent choice because they are versatile, it means that oak skirting boards will never make your room look older and out-dated. You can also update the look of your room efficiently without bearing the expenses of replacing your skirting boards.

Oak is available in Various Styles

While buying oak skirting boards, you have a lot of options to choose from, which is an excellent problem for you while deciding which one to buy. Ogee Torus, Round Edge (also known as Bullnose), Chamfered and Victoriana, these are some of the most popular choices picked by many people. But that’s not enough; these are, to name a few; there are many more choices available to buy. If you have a ready design supplied by your architect, you can easily have your style manufactured to your expectations.

Finishing of Oak

There are a lot of options available with any style of oak skirting you choose; you can either buy it pre-finished or unfinished. There is a pre-finish with hard wax oil oak wood skirting board available in the market. It can maintain the natural character of the wood, increase its durability, it is tough wearing, and it is water and dust resistant also. So protects your skirting board from any weather and is stable in all kinds of situation. But if you choose unfinished skirting boards, you have to stain, varnish, or paint then to protect them.

If you are starting any interior design project, oak skirting boards are an obvious choice for your project. They are timeless, durable, and good looking and will also not put any strain on your bank balance and you will not regret your choice.