An Antique Appeal in a Modern House – the Twisted Tale of Stunning Kitchen Décor
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An Antique Appeal in a Modern House – the Twisted Tale of Stunning Kitchen Décor

When you are stepping in the modern American house, you will follow a preconceived notion that the décor of the house will be minimal and mostly white. But how about adding a twist in the interior décor of your house which is essentially modern? Well, in a house like this, surely no one can expect a kitchen that exudes antique charm, right? Hence, it can be a good choice for you.

So, how can you create an antique kitchen in a modern house? If you are thinking about how it should be, then one thing you much get a clear idea about. There will be no compromise with the functionality and the storage of the kitchen. The only thing that you need to focus on in such a kitchen is the aesthetic appeal. In look and vibe, it will be vintage and in the spirit, it will be modern; a perfect juxtaposition you can root for. And for such a kitchen, you must take a look at the following ideas to get inspired.

Choose the Color Palette

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is choosing the right color palette for the kitchen. And when you are looking for the best color scheme, there can be no alternative to white. From wall to cabinetry, white can create an antique appeal that will be remarkable. Those days are gone when there used to be only one shade for white, the clinical plain one. But now there are many certain shades that will be different in appeal and vibe.

Antique Cabinetry

The next thing that you need to go for is the antique white kitchen cabinets. Vintage and old school in appeal and sophisticated in charm, this is the best option for a kitchen like this. Antique cabinetry will create the magic that is essentially a reminder of the old world that you have already left behind. Are you thinking of adding a bit of depth in the design? Then ditch simplicity. Go for beaded work along with the doors of the cabinets. The antique shade with the beaded work will make the biggest fixture of your kitchen the most prominent focal point. Such detailing will also keep the antique appeal intact.

Metal Accented Hardware

By now, you are probably wondering what if the kitchen looks boring and monotonous. If yes, then we can find the right solution for that too. With the vintage cabinet in white, choose the hardware that will beautifully complement the style. How? Cooper and brass accent in such a kitchen can work like wonder. Ditch the regular steel handles and knobs and splurge on the copper handles. In fact, if you are looking for a perfect appeal, get copper faucet and sink too.

Complementing Flooring

Now, when you are creating a complete look, you cannot ignore the right flooring style for the kitchen, right? For a kitchen that exudes antique appeal, chess board flooring is a perfect choice, especially if you are going for stone flooring. The contrasting black and white color will add up to the sophistication and elegance that is essentially traditional. Also, such a floor will be quite sturdy to withstand all the pressure and extremities that a kitchen floor is generally subjected too. If you are going for a wooden floor, keep the natural wooden texture intact. It will create a welcoming contrast in your kitchen that will be mind-blowing.

Statement Task Lights

Now, let’s talk about a statement piece in your kitchen that will essentially set the mood. In a kitchen, you will definitely need a task light that will not only make the kitchen bright but will also add up to the glamour of the space. A vintage chandelier will do this job beautifully while seamlessly blending with the theme.

So, now as you know about these ways to create an antique kitchen, don’t waste time. Get your hands on the right fixture, hire and designer and share your idea with them.