It is a very stylish shower screen which provides you with a contemporary frameless style as well as a traditional framed screen. You can easily replace them and install a new shower. But the first one needs to understand the difference between semi-frameless screen and a fully frameless shower screen. Although they are different they have a lot of benefits individually.

Tips to buy semi-frameless shower screen in Sydney

The basic appearance: 

They are different in the main way they look. The semi-frameless shower screens in Sydney has frameless as well as framed edges to the glass. The ones that have frames can also vary. But a frameless shower screen is usually made up of a thicker glass as compared to the other varieties and they have no frame at all. The semi-frameless ones have transparency which is as same as that of a frameless screen. But they have a contemporary look and is even a good choice. 

The installation: 

Installing a new shower screen is not that of a difficult task but installing a completely frameless shower screen is definitely a lot easier compared to that of a semi-frameless screen. A semi-frameless shower screen in Sydney comes with a lot of different parts, which are to be fitted properly. But frameless screens require only small pieces of hardware and clamps to put them together and does not have any parts of the frame. The semi-frameless shower screen has to be fit perfectly so that no gaps are left and they are a great choice for small bathrooms where showers are at an angle or even for uneven walls.

Maintenance and cleaning: 

Both of them are mainly very easy to be cleaned. The frameless ones have very fewer edges so cleaning is comparatively a lot easier and will help to keep your shower clean. Compared to the traditional framed screens, the semi-framed screens are a lot easier. Both of them does not require a lot of care, so maintenance for both of them is easier. 

Durable or not: 

We always check that the product we are buying is durable or not. It is an important thing to keep in mind when we install a new shower screen. For both the styles, be it frameless or semi-frameless, you need to consider the thickness of the glass. Although both have a substantial thickness of glass, the frameless style has a lot thicker glass. The thickness of the glass provides safety and maintains the integrity of the structure. That is why the frameless ones are more expensive. You have to replace the hardware from time to time but other than that, they are both durable and safe. 

Affordability and choice of style: 

Semi-frameless shower screens are comparatively less expensive and do not even require much thicker glass. It has a lower cost but even then offers the visual cleanness that is there are the completely frameless ones. You have a lot of options to choose the perfect style as both can be customized according to your taste and requirement. You can choose among the colours, shapes, and textures to give it a perfect look.