Common problems with patio furniture
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Common problems with patio furniture

Patio is an adjoining of your residence and it is paved making your guests feel welcome. Patio always says a great deal about the person who lives there. It is the best place in and out of the house which one can utilize entirely to embellish your house.

People make it welcoming by adding a patio garden in a unique and beautiful manner. Some keep it simple by covering the border with fences, or railing. Or some people grow tall plants such as bamboos to get away from the chaos of the city. People also create raised beds of wood or metal that can support small plants and tall shrubs too.  One among them they can also pick up the idea of adding some furniture like a dining table and cozy chairs to inflate its beauty.

Outdoor furniture design is an exciting new challenge and creates the humanistic charm, but one can face the problem when that piece has to go up against the pounding rain, howling wind, or beating sun. So you have to make sure that your outdoor furniture must withstand in harsh environmental condition. So the material of furniture plays a crucial role in the selection.

Most outdoor furniture is made from different sorts of material such as wood like teak, cedar, and eucalyptus. Synthetic like plastic, ABS, and synthetic resin wicker. Metals like aluminum, steel, and wrought iron but nowadays it is less considered due to their heavyweight, pronation to rust, and high maintenance requirement.  Synthetic fiber.

Outdoor furniture adds an exquisite look to your home but on the other hand, there are some problems one can face. Among which mildew and fungus formation is the common one .wet dirt and outdoor elements build-up and creates a breeding ground for all sort of nasty elements. If they aren’t removed quickly, they ruin the entire furniture. So the possible solution to this problem is to keep your furniture dry and clean and during the rainy weather cover the chairs with plastic sheets. You can easily clean the mildew formation by using the solution comprises of three parts of bleach in one gallon of water.

Rusting is another problem with the metal patio furniture and it is an unsightly patch on your furniture, so before placing it outside take the protective measure by coat it with the spray or with the high-quality paste wax.  In case of rust took place on your furniture you can also paint over it or spray it with a can of Rust-oleum to combat it.

Most furniture comes with glass top tables they look attractive as long as they are clean. But if you enjoy burning candles on the top they end up with a layer of wax on it. As their placement is outside of your home they are likely to get smudge and dirt on it, so regular cleaning of glass is mandatory for its maintenance and elegance.