Guide to Replacing Your Kitchen Doors

Everything gets worn out after some time, and this would be the best time to replace your old kitchen doors. Your kitchen doors must have been in perfect shape when they were first installed, but the continual use by the family have led to their current state. The best thing to do when the kitchen doors are in bad shape to the point of letting down the rest of the kitchen is through replacement kitchen doors. You can buy new kitchen doors from websites such as and reclaim the kitchen’s beauty.

DIY or Hiring an Expert?

The first decision you have to male for kitchen door replacement is whether you will do it yourself or you will hire an expert. To come up with this decision, you have to weigh factors such as your wood work skills, the availability of the tools required and the complexity of the project. Replacing the doors yourself is cheaper, but you need basic woodwork experience. Consider hiring an expert if you have never held a hammer before or the equipment and tools required are not readily available. Hiring an expert may be expensive, but it is the best choice for complicated projects.

Choose the Perfect Door for Your Kitchen

After deciding to replace your kitchen doors, the second question that comes into the mind is what type of door do I use? There are a lot of replacement kitchen doors available in the market and choosing the right one can be a daunting activity. To scale down the options, you can start by determining the kitchen design you want to portray. Is it a traditional kitchen or a modern kitchen? Shaker style kitchen doors are trendy for traditional kitchen designs. The colours should reflect a traditional look with creams and whites as the perfect choice.

For modern kitchens, Gloss kitchen doors are the perfect pick. You can chose a plain door and add the handle of your choice or go for the door with an already fitted handle. The typical colours are also white and cream, but you can also decide to have it your way. You can also get a bit of expert advice on the best doors for your kitchen type or hire them for the replacement project. Visit to learn more on how to hire a kitchen makeover expert.

Get the Measurements Right

The worst mistake you can ever do as a DIY-er is trying to fix the doors without considering the size. Buying the wrong kitchen doors that can’t fit your kitchen is a waste of resources. The best way to go about it is by measuring the size of the doors already in place before you remove or dispose of them. You can also use the size of the kitchen carcass but always remember to subtract four or five millimetres in length to for an accurate the door size measurement. Having the right door sizes is one step to having a perfect work after completion.

Choose Your Perfect Material

There is also a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right material for your kitchen doors. The best way is to let the cabinet material guide you, but you can select another material if you are bold enough. Some of the factors to consider are compatibility and the durability of the material. If you choose a different door material, you may be required to repaint your cabinets or use some lamination materials. For simple do it yourself project, selecting a material to match the cabinet is the best chose as it will save you from the design complications. Learn more from

Be Cautious about the Door Hinge Hole Position

The door hinge hole position is one of the technical parts when performing a kitchen doors replacement project. Having it wrong may lead to the replacement of the whole unit since drilling more holes weakens the unit. Most replacement kitchen doors have a standard of two drill holes, but the larger doors may have three holes to support their weight. Ensure that the hinges match with the holes before fixing the door to its position. You can also try the modern soft close hinges for a smoother opening and closing of the doors in the future.