Simple method to clean the blinds at home
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Simple method to clean the blinds at home

Obviously when you are cleaning your windows you often need to clean your window coverings. When you have blinds as a window covering, you need proper cleaning too for a clean and fresh look. As window treatments, blinds are of great functions, they primarily aid in blocking the light, keep the room clean and provide privacy. Therefore, you should know how to clean the blinds, be it of any variety. Below mentioned are some ways to clean blinds at home.

Things you need

To gather all the cleaning supplies to work on the blinds is the first thing you need. They are as follow:

  1. Vacuum cleaning with attached soft brushes
  2. Cloth pieces, preferably microfiber
  3. Liquid dishwasher
  4. Lukewarm water
  5. Baking soda

What steps to follow?

  • Start with closing the blinds completely, avoid any overlapping of the slates in case the material of the blinds is aluminum or vinyl.
  • Then hold the blinds from the bottom to stabilize them and use the cloth to wipe them.
  • You should wipe down the edges so that the dust gets exposed to be easily vacuumed.
  • Now flip the blinds on the other side and repeat the cleaning process with the cloth and vacuum.
  • If simple cleaning is not looking clean enough, use the cloth damped with warm water to clean the slates.
  • Make sure to use this carefully if the blinds are made of wood, avoid making them too wet.
  • For deep cleaning the blinds it is preferred to lightly clean them every day to delay the deep cleaning phase.
  • Dust accumulates in some hard-to-reach places that can only be cleaned by deep cleaning them.
  • For this process you have to take the blinds down and find an ideal place to clean them in a Also make sure to cover the edges with the towel to avoid any scratches.
  • Fill the tub with enough water and then add the cleaning solution of your choice to it.
  • For about 2 hours, let the blinds soak into it, then use a soft brush to scrub off the dirt and grease on the hard ends.
  • Properly dip the blinds after cleaning into clean water and rinse them in the shower to clean off all the loosen up dirt.
  • If the bathtub is not accommodating your blinds, you can take them outdoors.
  • Hang them on the fence or take it out on the driveway.
  • You need to place it up on a sheet or a blanket to protect the blinds, making sure no extra dirt is added.
  • You should use a soft brush with warm water and an appropriate cleaning solution for the blinds and scrub them gently.
  • Scrubbing of the blinds will aid in loosening up the dirt which is then rinsed with clean
  • Rinse multiple times with the clean water to clear all the dirt and cleaning solution from the blinds.
  • Hang them in a space after cleaning where no new dirt can be accumulated to it. Hang to their place again when it gets