7 Tips To Keep Pests, Birds, And Other Animals Out Of Your Chimney
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7 Tips To Keep Pests, Birds, And Other Animals Out Of Your Chimney

Pests, rodents, and even birds will sometimes build their nests inside the chimney. Sometimes, the chimney can also be the entry point for rodents into the home if it is left open and unattended throughout the night. Worst of all, a blocked chimney is a health and fire hazard as it cannot do its job of releasing smoke and carbon monoxide outside.

A chimney that has been invaded by pests is one that should never be used. Since removing animals from the chimney can get expensive fast, here are a few tips to help ensure no birds, rodents, or pests call your chimney their home:

Tip 1: Ultrasonic Devices

Hardware shops and online retailers sell an ultrasonic device that emits a sound that will scare away rodents or birds, depending on the frequency. These devices can be installed at the opening of the chimney so that it makes a sound as soon as it detects a creature coming close.

Although it seems like an easy and humane fix, these devices are not 100% effective and can be damaged when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Tip 2: Regular Chimney Inspections

Hire experts to regularly check the chimney it is in excellent working condition. During these inspections, the pros will also check if there are any animals inside the chimney. If they are licensed to do so, they will safely and humanely remove any animals or call a pest removal company to do the extraction.

Tip 3: Schedule Regular Chimney Cleaning

Aside from inspection, regular chimney cleaning can also keep pests from making nests inside the chimney. Professional chimney sweeps will check the chimney for any presence of animals before proceeding with their tasks. If there are any animals or debris present, they will remove these to ensure the chimney is thoroughly cleaned.

Tip 4: Close Chimney Damper When Not In Use

The chimney damper is located just above the firebox and prevents rodents from entering the home. If it is left open when the fireplace is not in use, it is the perfect entry point for pests to enter the home.

Tip 5: Trim Tree Limbs Near The Chimney

By limiting access points on the chimney, you can reduce the likelihood of rodents climbing up to the roof and entering the home via the fireplace. Tree trimming should be a part of your overall property maintenance as it will also prevent premature damage on the roof.

Tip 6: Install A chimney cap

By far the best solution for all birds, rodents, and animal problems is the chimney cap. This is a stainless steel cover placed on the chimney’s opening and prevents animals from entering the chimney without affecting its ability to release smoke outdoors. It is simple to install and is super effective and reliable.

Tip 7: Cleaning And Maintaining The Chimney Cover

Once the chimney cover is installed, don’t forget to get it inspected and cleaned regularly. Sometimes bigger and stronger rodents can break the screen which may require replacement or repairs. The pros will check on the cover to ensure it is still doing its job correctly.

If you need your chimney cap repaired or replaced, contact us at JCS Home Services and we will send our team of professionals to do the job for you.