Don’t make these mistakes while designing your modular kitchen
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Don’t make these mistakes while designing your modular kitchen

Modular kitchens are sleek, stylish and functional. No matter how small or big your kitchen may be, there is a design for every home. When it comes to creating and designing a modular kitchen, utility has to take precedence, and that’s different from things like a modular wardrobe, where you can focus equally on aesthetics and style. Browsing for designs online is not enough to get your perfect kitchen modular. Instead, you have to hire a design & installation service that can offer perspective, and bring practicality to the project. In this post, we are discussing more on modular kitchen designs and some of the common mistakes you must avoid.

Don’t be tempted for more

The purpose of a modular kitchen is to offer enough storage, add function and make the most of available space. It’s a bonus that you can choose between endless designs and finishes too. However, don’t get too ambitious with the design, without thinking of the practical aspects. For instance, why would you need tall cabinets close to the ceiling? In most homes, those areas are barely used. Also, the more elements you seek, the more you add to the budget.

Don’t forget to get consultation and estimates

Most design services will be keen on offering an estimate for the designs you like, but before all of that, ask them for a design consultation. This is offered for free, where the company designers will come over, take measurements, ask about your requirements and suggest layouts and designs. As a new client, you must know what adds to the cost and get estimates accordingly. Don’t settle for verbal commitments – Ask for everything on paper.

Don’t compromise on materials

Cabinets and shutters are usually made of plywood, high-density or medium-density MDF, which refers to engineered wood. All these materials are made to last and can be waterproof, as well. As a rule of thumb, don’t compromise on the materials used for your modular kitchen. The need for maintenance, repairs and ultimate replacement can be avoided for years to come.

Don’t forget the add-ons

If you want your modular kitchen to be functional in the true sense, you must consider add-ons. For example, a built-in microwave or oven would be a good idea, where you can also choose to install hob, chimney and faucets as a part of the project. Attachments and accessories can add to the price, but must be selected carefully, so as to skip eventual replacement.

In conclusion

Now that you know it all about modular kitchens, check online now and find more on the best installation services. Talk to their experts and ask all relevant questions before signing the contract. This is an investment for the next decade – Be smart with your choice.