Getting a Great Loft Conversion in Fulham
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Getting a Great Loft Conversion in Fulham

Properties prices in Fulham are amongst the best in the country, yet you can add even more value to the property by investing in a loft conversion. Offering a great return on investment by adding significant value to the property, a loft conversion also has the benefit of transforming the upper portion of your home to provide additional living spaces.

However, a loft conversion is not a simple renovation so will take time and skilled builders to complete. Given the massive investment of a loft conversion, you obviously want to ensure the work is good hands. Here are some tips for getting a great loft conversion in Fulham:


If you know someone such as a friend, relative, or neighbour that had a loft conversion completed ask them for a recommendation. Anyone that has had a loft conversion can tell you about how good the quality of work was, how professional they were, and give you an idea of the overall cost and timeframe for the project.

Anyone that also lives in Fulham is especially useful for this because they can show you what the completed conversion looks like in a similar property.


Another simple way to determine the quality of a loft conversion company is whether they are accredited. There are many types of accreditation to look for, with each one generally being a sign that the company is reliable.

This is because accredited companies are held to strict codes of conduct and undergo extensive vetting to receive their accreditation. So, always look to see what type of accreditation the company has!

The Federation of Master Builders is a good place to start. This organisation has a vetted list of accredited members, so any company that belongs to this is likely to provide a great loft conversion.

Guarantee of Work

The best loft conversion companies offer a guarantee of work that will ensure you are protected against issues that may occur as a result of the work. This means you don’t need to worry about any problems arising from poor workmanship, as the company will commit to making any necessary repairs within the time stated in the guarantee.

Portfolio of Work

A good loft conversion company will have plenty of examples of their work, so always inquire to see previous projects if they are not already displayed on their website. This is a great way to determine their overall quality of work as you can see various examples of conversions they’ve completed.

This is also helpful because you can see the different styles of conversions they have completed and what the finished work would look like in your home, so always check their portfolio so you know what to expect from company.

Request a Survey

If you have narrowed down your selection of builders for the loft conversion consider asking for a survey before you hire anyone. Most companies should be happy to offer this as it allows them to determine what type of conversions are available in your loft while giving you an overall estimation on the cost and timeframe of the project.