Here’s Why You Should Only Deal With A Licensed Roofing Company
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Here’s Why You Should Only Deal With A Licensed Roofing Company

There might be a time when you would be tempted to hire just about any roofing company Hanover. You might forget to check on their licenses before signing a contract, if there is a contract to sign to begin with. Before hiring any roofing company Hanover, you need to do a background check. A license is necessary for the reasons below.


A licensed roofing company Hanover can assure you that you are paying for service you can trust. They are experts in the field and to be able to acquire that license, they have had to pass through many rigorous tests. This also means that for their license to be renewed, everyone on their team had to undergo training. Your roof is a vital part of your home and you must not entrust its repair and maintenance to just anyone.

No big upfront charges

One of the reasons why you should look for a licensed roofing company is that you would never be charged too much upfront. Licensed roofing companies only require 10% of the total project cost or $1000 (whichever of the two is smaller) down payment for projects to proceed. This gives clients enough protection against bad practices, bad service, or overcharging of materials.


For roofing companies to retain their licenses, they always need to work under a contract. A company that has no license will try to woo you into a contract-less agreement that could work against you. The contract should have the down payment, the timeline, the proposed expenses and the list of all the materials to be used. It should also lay down, very clearly, what the consequences are should either party fail to meet their obligations.


A licensed roofing company Hanover is accountable for their service. If they make mistakes or if their service falls below your expectations and their promises, they can give you compensation or free repairs. If they work beyond the timeline, they can also give you ample discounts or compensation for the inconvenience you have had to experience during the delay.


Best of all, a licensed roofing company, as mandated by law, has insurance. This insurance not only covers material damages done during the project but also accidental medical coverage should you or any of their crew be injured during the project. This is not something an unlicensed roofing firm can offer its clients.


Because licensed roofing companies are under oath, they can be very transparent about their operations. They need to declare subcontractors should there be any working under their names. You can also be sure that these roofers are not operating “underground”. They are paying their taxes and they won’t be very hard to track down for after-sales and other needs later on because they have a physical address and they have a reputation to take care of.

Getting referrals

While it’s good to get personal referrals, you need to do more digging after you’ve gotten your neighbor’s approval. Even unlicensed roofing teams can provide once in a blue moon satisfactory work. What you are looking for are stability and consistency. It’s still better for you to make sure they are operating under a valid license.

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