How to Make my Bathroom More Inviting
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How to Make my Bathroom More Inviting

Most people don’t give enough attention to their bathrooms, yet they spend most of their time in it. After a hectic day at work, you want a place to relax and unwind as you soak in a bathtub. But, if your bathroom is dreary, I doubt you will be relaxing. Adding warmth to your bathroom isn’t as hard as you imagine. You simply need to rearrange the room, add furniture, decorate, and add a touch of your personality. A few changes can bring you closer to your dream bathroom. Here are some ideas to make your bathroom cosy.

Update the Walls

If your bathroom walls are plain and boring the rest of the bathroom will look dull. You can spruce up your bathroom by repainting the walls or painting one wall that will be the focal point. The feature wall should have a striking colour that draws attention to it. When choosing paint colour go for warm and neutral tones that have a calming effect. Apart from painting, you can install wallpapers. Scenery wallpapers bring peace and help you relax.

New Flooring Wouldn’t Hurt

Another way to drastically change the look and feel of your bathroom is by updating the floors. Refresh the space with modern bathroom tiles or wooden floors. Ensure you pick the right texture of tiles to complement the overall look of the bathroom. Another popular choice is wood floors and bamboo flooring. Wood floors make the bathroom warm and cosy. However, you should choose the floors made of water-resistant wood. Bamboo floors are way better than wood due to their high-water resistance.

Change Your Toilet Seat and Bathtub

Replace your old tub with a modern bathtub that is comfy and creates a spa feeling. If you don’t like your toilet seat colour or has aged, it is time to shop around for a new toilet seat. You can go for b&q toilet seats which have a wide range of seats to choose from. The best part about b&q toilet seats is that they have multiple colours. Therefore, you can pick one that complements the look of your bathroom. Read more.


Hanging wall paintings in the bathrooms is a perfect way to showcase your personality. Thematic paintings with a soothing effect will complete the look of your bathroom in style. Scenery pictures also add character to your bathroom.

Add a Rug

The traditional bath mat prevents you from slipping, but they do nothing to improve the look of the bathroom. A rug, on the other hand, provides comfort and is luxurious. Go for colourful rugs that complement the decor. However, you will have to find a rug pad to avoid slipping.

Change the Lighting

Ambient lights add warmth and a sense of cosiness to a room. You should use different light fixtures to attain the desired effects. Update your overhead lights to LED lights which have special effects. Recessed lighting or skylights are also perfect for creating a luxurious and inviting space. To set the right mood for your bathroom, pick lighting fixtures that complement the decor.