What Are The Duties Of Crime Scene Cleaners?
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What Are The Duties Of Crime Scene Cleaners?


Crime scene cleaning is a tedious job. The responsibilities of crime scene cleaners are enormous. The job description involves cleaning up an unpleasant scene that may have blood spill. If an individual is interested in becoming a crime scene cleaner, he/she should know what the job entails.

The duties of a crime scene cleaner include the following;

  1. Cleaning and sanitizing homes and businesses with the best chemical solutions.
  2. Removing all evidence from the crime scene.
  3. Demonstrating compassion to the victim family while rendering their services.
  4. Helping the victim family to recover from their loss.
  5. Restoring the home and ensuring that it is safe for habitation.

These are the basic duties of a crime scene cleaner. To be an expert cleaner does not require any certificate or degree. However, it is important to possess the following qualities;

  1. Stamina: As mentioned earlier, cleaning a crime scene is very tedious and it requires a lot of effort. To be a professional cleaner, you need to be energetic.
  2. Compassion: The death of a loved one is devastating. Family of the victim is traumatized by the incident and they will need support and encouragement. A qualified crime cleaning technician should be able to give support and encouragement during the service.
  3. Special skills and training: Crime cleanup companies organize training for their staff to enlighten them on the safety rules and regulations. They also train them on how they can use personal protective equipment (PPE).
  4. Honest: The cleaning crew must be honest in everything. Customers often entrust their property to the cleaning company. It is important for the customer to trust and rely on the company in charge of the cleaning process.
  5. Commitment: A professional crime cleaner should be committed to the job.  The company should be available 24/7 in case of an emergency. They should be willing and ready to work at all times.
  6. Pay attention to details: This quality is very essential when engaging in a crime scene cleanup. There are many elements in the crime scene that are potential sources of harmful bacteria. Paying attention to details will make it easier to eliminate such hazards.

Expert crime scene cleaners make sure that they adhere to the safety rules and regulations set by the government. There are specific health and safety rules guiding the profession. These rules and regulations are formulated to ensure public safety. Crime scene cleaners are familiar with these safety rules and they make sure that they strictly abide by them.

When there is an emergency, professional crime scene cleaners will ensure that they arrive at the scene promptly. They will evaluate the area where the incident occurred and strategies the best way to do the cleanup. Their services go beyond just cleaning up the scene. Their aim is to help their client remediate their home/business and sanitize it. Conclusively, they will perform some test to make sure that the area is free from all hazard.