Battery Reconditioning: A Pocket Friendly Idea
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Battery Reconditioning: A Pocket Friendly Idea


The use of batteries in our daily life is enormous; batteries are used in almost every electrical device and items, starting from a normal T.V. remote to heavy vehicles batteries, batteries are used in many places. As of its different use, there are different kinds of batteries for different uses. Some of them can be charged and used again while others cannot be charged and just need to get replaced with the new ones. The dysfunction caused by the batteries are very regular and when this happens the first thing comes to your mind is that you need to replace it but you should know that they are various ways using which you can fix your batteries on your own.

 The best way out

You heard it right there are ways using which you can fix your battery on your own without spending a penny. Some batteries can be really expensive like hybrid car batteries, golf cart batteries, and many others and as we all know expensive car batteries cannot be used again. So in such cases, you should not hesitate and try to fix it on your own and you can do it through battery reconditioning. Different kind of battery requires a different kind of battery reconditioning.

How to do it?

Now the question you will be dealing with is how to recondition batteries as mentioned earlier different kind of batteries need different type of reconditioning starting with the most used car batteries most of the car uses 12v battery which contains lead acid-base mix with lead terminals and sulphuric acid, the process required for conditioning starts with checking the voltage of car battery if the voltage is less than 12v then you will require to heat a half liter distilled water up to 60° to 75°c and then add a quarter of Epsom salt to it and put the solution inside the battery cell. Now for hybrid car batteries firstly you need to remove the caps and rubber of the battery and then by charging your battery for an hour till some bubbles start appearing on the holes. If required you can also replace the acid and then recharging your battery for a longer lifespan. Similarly, we can recondition other batteries following different steps.

EZ Battery Reconditioning

To follow the steps to recondition any battery you need to follow EZ battery reconditioning program which describes you the eco-friendly ways that you can take for making your batteries work again. These ways are friendly to your pocket as well as it does not require any extra expenditure and you can easily do with the things available at your home. You can know more about it through EZ battery reconditioning review which tells us the benefits of reconditioning of battery. It tells us about the steps that are needed to be followed and what are the pros and cons of this program.

Preventive methods

You can use some preventive method to save your batteries so that your device batteries live longer for devices such as phones, laptops, and tabs you can take measures such as to never let your device have a battery percentage of less than 70% and by deleting all those apps which are not in use and if that also doesn’t work try resetting.