How to maximise your space when doing home refurbishment in London
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How to maximise your space when doing home refurbishment in London

No matter how small your London flat may be, space will always be at a premium. While it may be impossible to extend the physical dimensions of your space, there are some easy tricks to make sure that you make the most of your space and capitalise on what you have before making any dramatic renovations. These tips will ensure that your home refurbishment in London is affordable, effective and fun!

Starting with-

  1. Shelving and storage: A simple solution to an age-old problem. Adding extra store to your home can help all of your items find a purpose in your home. This can be as simple as adding extra shelving to you walls, adding bookcases or coming up with innovative storage solutions. Vintage trunks can be used for coffee tables, construction planks or reclaimed wood can be cut to scale and mounted on the wall with bracket, and many pieces of modern furniture can include slide out storage. Finding a place for something has arguably never been easier.
  2. Decluttering: Of course, clearing out space is another way to go. In a world of obsolete media and books you’ll never need again, getting rid of your items can not only free up your space but be cathartic. Taking aMarieKondo approach to your property can give you back space you never knew you had and items can easily be sold on to add a little extra cash for further improvements or donated to local charity shops…where you can see if any minimalist pieces of furniture or art are available to help make your home your own.
  3. Increase your space: Though it may be impossible to enjoy further physical space, taking a creative approach to your space can make even the smallest flat bigger than it actually is. This can be as simple as adding mirrors to increase your brightness and give the impression of space or adding and regularly rotating the art on your walls. Light fixtures or standing lamps can help provide illumination where it is needed most and adding living elements such as houseplants or opening up your space with organic life.
  4. Plan and purpose: If you’re looking to truly create a vibrant and varied space, take some time to think about the plan of your flat and the purpose it serves. Even the smallest space can be made to feel large by creating dedicated reading nooks, workspace areas, or being able to quickly move or adjust furniture to change the mood of your room for exercise, watching television, or simply having friends over for dinner. Take time to consider your floorplan and give each area and element of your room a ‘job’. Just be careful to embrace minimalism and try not to over clutter, or you’ll be back to square one before you know it.

 Flats can be tiny. Here’s how to make the most of every inch of your property by doing a simple home refurbishment in London.