Beautiful Bookshelves: Ideas and Buying Tips
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Beautiful Bookshelves: Ideas and Buying Tips

Not only book lovers know: A bookshelf must not be missing for an individual interior and a cozy ambience and can be much more than just a storage place for thick tomes. It can serve as a room divider, has space for decorations and can create additional storage space. We have found eleven particularly beautiful bookshelves and give you tips on how to buy the perfect bookshelf.

The Classic Bookcase

The bookcase is a real classic and so you need to go for the best Bookcase for sale. It offers a lot of space and makes every thought about the right wall decoration for the room superfluous. It looks just as good in the living room as it does in the study or in the children’s room. Anyone who decides on a bookcase should pay attention to a few things in terms of shape, color and material. As far as the material is concerned, a bookcase can be made of solid wood or MDF. If it is varnished, it can shine in any color and a bookcase made of solid wood can also have a different color depending on the type of wood and grain. When choosing a color, it is important to consider that the bookcase takes up a lot of space and has a decisive influence on the appearance of the room. If you have a small or a very dark room, you should therefore use light colors.

Bookshelf Ideas for the Attic

The prerequisites for a huge wall of books are not always given and the rooms are designed in such a way that standard solutions are possible. However, there are also stylish solutions for attic apartments or rooms with sloping ceilings, as this bookcase shows. It doesn’t always have to be a specially made shelf for this. Ready-made shelves are now available at a low price.

The Bookshelf as a Room Divider

Room dividers make large rooms more comfortable, give open living areas structure and can create space where it is needed for example when living and working or living and sleeping have to be accommodated in one room. The height of the room dividers can vary. They can be halfway high, but they can also reach the ceiling.

A Solution for Every Niche

If you have a niche that is still unused, you can use it perfectly to accommodate a custom-made shelf here. Sometimes you are lucky and a piece of furniture manufactured in series fits or you can have a suitable shelf made by a carpenter. Another alternative is a DIY bookshelf, which you design with shelves.

Made-To-Measure Bookshelf

A made-to-measure shelf has also been chosen for this room. Here it extends over the entire wall to over the door so even the last centimeter is used to accommodate books, magazines and files. Such a bookshelf can also be made, but there are also numerous shelving systems that enable such solutions.