How the rising job opportunities are shaping up the housing market in Minnesota?
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How the rising job opportunities are shaping up the housing market in Minnesota?

Apartment construction and sale in the twin city has been at hectic pace and the home building activity is at its best. Most of the homes are being bought by the baby boomers, fresh graduates, recently employed and so on. At one point of time, the demand in the market has gone more than the supply. 

According to the recent data, the home builders were given 472 single-family permits recently compared to last year it was 6% higher as per the records from the Housing first Minnesota. The record from the group could be cited as an authentic one since they are a trade group representing more than 1,100 builders, developers, remodelers and suppliers across the state. President of the Housing First Minnesota also stated that 2019 has been a good year for the homebuilding activity. 

One of the many reasons for the demand of new house is the shortage of existing listings. New constructions are available for the people who can afford to pay the price. Market of new houses is increasing by days and most of these houses are best fit for the people who can spend money in purchasing a bigger and more expensive home. 

Both apartment and rents are increasing in Minnesota and the customers are agreeing to pay more for the houses in the city. Affordable rent, basic minimum service and closeness to the night life from the city has attracted many new customers in the area. Twin cities are adding more and more jobs every year and as a result demand for the houses in the area is also on the rise. There is difference of view amongst the experts over the balance in demand and supply of Apartment sales in Minnesota or the imbalance. While some say that there is a perfect balance between the demand and number of houses upcoming, others are not of the same view.