Rimless Toilet Suites – Revolutionary Or Just A Passing Fad?
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Rimless Toilet Suites – Revolutionary Or Just A Passing Fad?

If you’ve heard about rimless toilet suites sales in Sydney, you’re not alone. The demand for rimless toilets has increased a lot over the years. As the name suggests, these toilet suites do not come with inner rims (which are present in most standard toilets). While they may look just like standard toilets, when you peep inside their toilet bowls, the difference is obvious.

Rimless toilet suites also function in a completely different way than standard toilets. Unlike standard toilets, where water gets distributed around the toilet bowls under the rims whenever someone presses the flush button, rimless toilets come with direct-flush mechanisms. Press the flush button to have water shot around all regions of the toilet bowl.

Revolutionary or Just a Passing Fad? 

The popularity of toilet suites sale in Sydney certainly suggests that these porcelain bathroom items are here to stay. Rimless toilets offer certain practical benefits that make them very user-friendly –

They are Water-Efficient:

The direct-flush mechanism in rimless toilet suites is very water-efficient. In standard toilets, a lot of water gets unnecessarily distributed across the toilet bowls under the rims. Direct-flush systems use far less water. The water distribution is tactical, practical and helps new homeowners save water and cut down their water bills.

They are Easy to Clean:

Since rimless toilet suites don’t feature rims, cleaning them is very easy compared to standard toilets. In standard toilets, a lot of germs amasses under the rims. Users have to use strong toilet brushes to clean these germs under the rim. Rimless toilets are much easier to clean.

Homeowners who get toilet suites on sale in Sydney don’t have to worry about germs sticking inside their toilets’ rims. That’s why homeowners who are very particular about their hygiene will keep purchasing these easy-to-clean toilets. Cleaning rimless toilets requires far less effort and very few cleaning tools.

Countless Options in the Market:

If you’ve visited a toilet suites sale in Sydney, you know how many design and style options there are to pick from. Rimless toilets are available in these designs: 

  • Wall-Faced Rimless Toilets – Install your rimless toilet suites with their back to the wall. By getting this type of rimless toilet, you eliminate all the tricky spots that need to be cleaned around the base of your toilet.
  • In-Wall Rimless Toilets – These rimless toilet suites come with cisterns that are concealed within the bathroom walls. The cisterns can even be concealed inside small cabinets behind the toilet bowls. In-wall rimless toilets are space-efficient. They help homeowners create simple and minimalistic bathroom spaces.
  • Wall-Hung Rimless Toilets – Wall-hung rimless toilets are extremely popular in toilet suites sale in Sydney. These toilets are space-efficient, affordable, and, much like back to wall rimless toilets, very easy to clean. Modern-day wall-hung rimless toilets look extremely modern. They give the impression that they’re “hung” from the bathroom walls, so they immediately catch the eyes of anyone who enters the bathroom.

The practical benefits coupled with the aesthetic qualities certainly make rimless toilets more than just a passing fad. These clean and hygiene-friendly toilets are here to stay!